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Hi! I'm Lucy, last June I graduated from The University of Dundee, where I studied animation. Ever since I was young I've always enjoyed art, but it wasn't until the end of my high school experience that I took the plunge and began to seriously consider a career in animation. 
Despite studying animation, what I was quickly drawn to and promptly fell in love with was environment design. I love getting to work on the visual development, layout + backgrounds, and the compositing of a sequence. All of these are stages of the pipeline that I feel share the ability to help influence and deepen the story of a character by putting them in the context of the world around them.   
Since finishing my studies, I have been working hard as a freelance background artist for two studios based here in Scotland, 'The 2D Workshop' and 'Eyebolls.' Alongside this I have been directing a small team in the creation of a short animation about rewilding Scotland. Its been a passion project in my brain for a while now, and directing it has been a very rewarding experience thus far!
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