Lucy Gillespie
Hi! I'm Lucy, a recent graduate from The University of Dundee, where I studied animation! Ever since I was young I've always enjoyed art, but it wasn't until the end of my high school experience that I took the plunge and began to seriously consider a career in animation. 
Despite studying animation, what I was quickly drawn to and promptly fell in love with was environment design. I love getting to work on the visual development, layout + backgrounds, and the compositing of a sequence. All of these are stages of the pipeline that I feel share the ability to help influence and deepen the story of a character by putting them in the context of the world around them.   
As a recent graduate, much of my experience lies in student films, but I'm now very eager to dip my toes further into the industry. Alongside this, in my free time I'm lucky enough to have a small team of fellow graduates willing to help me create a short animation about rewilding Scotland. Its been a passion project in my brain for a while now and directing it has been a very rewarding experience thus far!
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